November, 2020

Wayfair consumer demand is popping, but is it enough?

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Wayfair (W) purchase intent update

Wayfair has been one of our favorite corona-plays. Shares rocketed to highs above $340 in the months following a special report in late March, featuring W at $30.

In 20Q3, Wayfair Purchase Intent increased YoY but began softening, falling 9% QoQ.


Wayfair Consumer Demand Graph

And oh how the turn tables..

While the timing of 20Q3 suggests another strong quarter, the pace of 20Q4 gives us reason for concern.

Purchase Intent continues to drop at a fast clip, decreasing 50% QoQ.

Watching out for disappointing guidance heading into the Holiday season.

Trend Watch: Mall Shopping

Two mall owners, CBL & Associates and Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. 

LikeFolio data reveals the writing on the wall for these companies; consumer 
mentions of visiting and shopping at the mall have…

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