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Add powerful consumer demand data & insights to your research work flow.

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Understand your customers and competitors with actionable insights.  Faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional polling and focus groups.

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Add Powerful Consumer Insight Data Into Your Research Work Flow

LikeFolio understands that at the end of the day, it’s all about performance. Our data has been proven to be predictive of company top-line revenues and is designed to add significant value to your entire research process.

  • Test Your Investment Hypothesis
  • Track Consumer Trends
  • Discover Hidden Opportunities
  • Partner With A Research Leader

Proven Data. Reliable Delivery.

It’s tough to stand out in a crowd. We’ll give you a boost.You can’t afford to ignore data sets that give you an edge. We’re here to be your advantage. Stay one step ahead of Wall Street through predictive insight into consumer spending behavior.

  • Predictive of company revenues
  • Full Point-In-Time References
  • Historical Data Since 2012
  • Reliable Data Delivery

Create Messaging and Products That Your Target Customers Actually Want.

Understanding the consumer is king. We know you need unique, proven resources when it comes to uncovering and identifying shifts in consumer behavior before you roll out a new campaign or start marking product design decisions.

  • Create R&D efficiencies
  • Understand your competition
  • Message prospects effectively
  • Discover what our competition is missing

Increase Your Trading Profits Through LikeFolio’s Partners

LikeFolio has partnerships with the best companies in the business. Through LikeFolio’s partner products and services, you can get access to our amazing insights and data.

Here are a few of our preferred partners:

  • TD Ameritrade — open an account today for powerful access to social signals
  • TradeStops —  Enable LikeFolio Data directly inside the platform
  • MegaTrends — Subscribe for powerful, fund-quality research full of big opportunities

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