April, 2021

U-Haul (UHAL) Driving the Urban Exodus

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U-Haul (UHAL) Driving the Urban Exodus

Over the last year, we’ve seen various trends flourish related to buying/selling houses and moving.
On a 365-day moving average:
  • Generic Moving Mentions: +13% YoY
  • Buying a Home: +23% YoY
  • Urban Exodus (mentions specifying a move from the city to a more rural environment): +38% YoY
 Real Estate companies (RDFN, Z) have done well as a result, but one of the biggest beneficiaries has been the moving company U-Haul (UHAL).

At the start of 2021, UHAL Purchase Intent Mentions hit an all-time high on the 365-day moving average trendline, currently +18% YoY.

The strength of the underlying data matches reports of high demand for U-Haul vehicles in California, Oregon, and Washington State. Shares of UHAUL have gained more than +120% from the 2020 lows.

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