September, 2021

Solana Still Outperforming ($SOL)

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Solana Still Outperforming ($SOL)

The cryptocurrency Solana ($SOL) is the hottest name in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) right now and it’s significantly outperforming the broader cryptocurrency market as a result.

The price of Solana has gained ~165% since it first got our attention earlier this year—Underlying investor buzz has continued to build as well.

Mentions of SOL’s innovative blockchain and the coin itself are at an all-time high, trending +293% QoQ on a 7-day moving average.

Solana has traded up +47% in the past week, a noteworthy feat considering Bitcoin ($BTC) has fallen -2% in the same timeframe — This relative strength, paired with soaring levels of chatter, comes as a convincing bullish indicator for the future of the Solana blockchain.

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