October, 2019

Sell ITM Call Spread — Bearish Strategy For Earnings Trading

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Sell ITM Call Spread

This strategy is more aggressive than the Bearish Coin Flip, but less aggressive than OTM Put Options.  

Requires the stock to move in your direction, and the reward is typically 2-4x what you risk.

Buy a call option with a strike price lower than the current price of the stock.  Sell a call option with a strike price even lower than call you bought.

Example:  XYZ at $60.  Buy the $55 call, Sell the $50 call for a net price of $4.00 credit

You’ll profit $4.00 if XYZ is below $50 at expiration, but could lose $1.00 if XYZ is above $55 at expiration.

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