April, 2021

Pinterest Usage and Shopping Mentions are Growing

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Pinterest Usage and Shopping Mentions are Growing

Last quarterPINS reported 459 million monthly active users, +37% YoY. This is more users than Twitter and Reddit, but fewer than Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

LikeFolio’s Mention metric is a good post to gauge Pinterest usage…and in the last quarter, we recorded significant YoY growth: +68%.

This is impressive, considering the chart above captures English-speaking mentions. We know the international segment is Pinterest’s major growth machine, now comprising ~79% of total users.

And Pinterest is only just beginning to monetize international users. On its last report,  International ARPU (average revenue per user) was $0.35 vs. $5.94 ARPU domestically.

This revenue is driven by successful ad placements and conversions. So one hyper-focused lens we can use to understand ad impact is Shopping mentions — purchasing a brand/product discovered on Pinterest.

Pinterest shopping mentions remain elevated post-quarantine: +12% YoY.

And Pinterest is making investments to ensure merchants have as few barriers as possible when joining the platform, from the integration of video ads to an expanded Shopify partnership.

Pinterest reports 21Q1 earning April 27 after market close.

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