May, 2018

LikeFolio Customer Love Award Finalists

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The LikeFolio Customer Love Award will be awarded Tuesday evening at the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Ceremony in New York City.  The award will go to the Benzinga Global Fintech Award finalist with the most enthusiastic customer base on social media.

We determine the winner using a calculation of consumer happiness and consumer buzz, two of LikeFolio’s proprietary metrics.

Those are two of the metrics that help us understand shifts in consumer behavior on Main Street before they become news on Wall Street.  Here’s how it works.

So basically, the LikeFolio Customer Love Award goes to the fintech firm with the customer base that loves them the loudest.

We’ve narrowed it down to ten finalists, all of which have enthusiastic and adoring fans…

Here are this year’s finalists for the LikeFolio Customer Love Award:

Orion Advisor

We look forward to announcing the winner on Tuesday evening at the Benzinga Awards Ceremony.


Congratulations to Riskalyze for winning the 2018 Customer Love Award!

Disclosure:  LikeFolio founder Andy Swan serves on the board or directors of Riskalyze, and did not participate in the process for determining the award winner.

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