February, 2021

Is $SQ still a good bet?

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Betting on Square (SQ)

The chart below is incredible.

Square Mention volume is rocketing, exhibiting sequential QoQ growth in nearly every quarter since we’ve been tracking this name.

Square quarterly mentions

In 20Q4, Square mentions increased +16% QoQ, +67% YoY. 

This rate is accelerating in current quarter, pacing +84% YoY (shaded bar on the chart above).

The crazy part?

Amid the surge in mention volume, Consumer Happiness increased +13% YoY. This is not typically the case during massive adoption of a new product or service. 

Bottom line: Square is making more users, happier.

In 20Q3, Square’s Bitcoin transaction revenue soared — LikeFolio data shows “investing in crypto” mentions at an all-time high in the last quarter (+743% YoY), with Bitcoin demand recently surpassing 2017 highs.

Square is building an ecosystem hinged on more than credit card processing and peer-to-peer payments. 

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