January, 2019

Is Chipotle Going To Disappoint Investors Again?

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Chipotle stock has been buoyed by expectations of their new CEO turning the company around, but LikeFolio Consumer Purchase Intent Mentions show no evidence that consumers are coming back to the burrito maker.

Some thoughts:

  • Purchase intent mentions over the course of the past 7 years have been highly predictive of the stock, until their new CEO was announced in 2018 and investor expectations began to rise.
  • Wall Street has extremely high expectations of new management, but we have not seen it translate to getting more people in the door at Chipotle.
  • New CEO has Taco Bell pedigree and a knack for creating new “products” from existing resources.  Will it work at the higher priced Chipotle?  So far we’re seeing no evidence of consumer resurgence with the brand.

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