May, 2021

Investors are Hyped for this Micro-Cap Stock (MJWL)

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Investors are Hyped for this Micro-Cap Stock (MJWL)

We’re picking up on a substantial influx of investor chatter surrounding a specific OTC penny stock: Majic Wheels Corp. (OTC:MJWL).
Cashtag Mentions for this former waste-removal company have been elevated for the past month, preceding the explosive move in the price of MJWL shares which have risen from less than $0.01 to ~$0.06.
Why has the number of investors talking about this stock skyrocketed?
The company recently announced a new management team and a brand-new direction – It plans to file with OTC Markets to become ‘OTC Pink Current’ and, more importantly, acquire a 150M revenue producing cryptocurrency exchange: Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (“CGCX”).
It remains to be seen whether the new management can deliver on their vision to completely re-invent this company. Regardless, they’ve attracted a considerable amount of investor support already.

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