May, 2021

FuboTV (FUBO) is Rallying

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FuboTV (FUBO) is Rallying

LikeFolio has been vocal about our bullish outlook on FuboTV since early 2021.

Although our official entry point has proven less-than-ideal, we’ve since doubled-down on our position, as well as accurately predicting the recent 21Q1 earnings beat.

The underlying data for FuboTV continues to show immense strength relative to the prior 2 years – Total Mention volume has soared to new highs, up +414% YoY on 90-day moving average.

Shares of FUBO are up by +22% this week and have rallied by more than +50% from the lows seen earlier this month.

It’s worth noting that FUBO has been a favorite of retail traders targeting heavily-shorted stocks. And, with short interest above 17% (as of May 14th) short squeeze action has likely helped drive the recent price increase.

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