February, 2021

DoorDash is Crushing the Competition

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DoorDash (DASH)

We featured DASH on our January MegaTrends report, noting the company was crushing its competition.

Over the weekend, the company continued to flex.

DASH outperformed peers in consumer demand mentions on Super Bowl Sunday in 2021 vs. 2020:

  • DoorDash: +58% YoY
  • UberEats: +45% YoY
  • Grubhub: +9% YoY
  • Postmates (owned by UBER): -54% YoY

This performance is bolstering an ongoing growth trend: Consumer Mentions of ordering food using DoorDash’s app are currently on pace for a +35% YoY improvement in 21Q1 (ending 3/31).

DoorDash purchase intent

Big picture: DoorDash is continuing to separate itself in the food delivery pack. 

DASH’s underlying data leads in 2 key areas:

  • Purchase Intent growth. On the chart below, it is the only delivery company exhibiting YoY growth.
  • Total Mention volume. The size of each circle on the chart below is representative of Mention volume, revealing DASH market-share dominance.
% change in purchase intent growth and sentiment in food delivery serivces

DoorDash not only controls the largest share of the U.S. delivery market but is also growing faster than its peers.

Anecdotally, DoorDash also outperformed rival UberEats when it came to Super Bowl ad consumer reaction. DoorDash’s ‘Sesame Street’ ad spot was met with a largely positive consumer response, 64% positiveUberEats’ ‘Wayne’s World’ spot garnered 54% positive sentiment.

DoorDash is winning at every turn.

Which brings us to…

Lyft (LYFT), Uber (UBER)

Lyft and Uber have struggled on a YoY basis as pandemic-related restrictions drastically cut consumer demand for ridesharing services. 

Last quarter, Lyft revenue fell -48% YoY compared to an Uber revenue decrease of -18% YoY (bolstered by delivery revenue +125% YoY).

Since then, LikeFolio data shows…

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