November, 2021

Crypto.com: Already Huge & Still Growing ($CRO, $MCO)

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Crypto.com: Already Huge & Still Growing ($CRO, $MCO)

Crypto.com has established itself as one of the largest and most-visible players in the cryptocurrency space…Not many (if any) other crypto-focused companies are investing in massive ad campaigns with A-list celebrities, and that’s because few have had as much success as Crypto.com.
Founded by a group of Hong Kong-based specialists circa 2016, ‘Monaco Technologies’ was initially created with one key area of focus: making cryptocurrency an accessible and convenient method of payment.
The Monaco team achieved this goal with the launch of a crypto-funded Visa debit card in 2017.
Monaco Technologies eventually rebranded as “Crypto.com” and has since continued to innovate by expanding its product offerings. Still, cryptocurrency payments and the crypto-funded Visa card remain key areas of focus.
Crypto.com boasts more than 10 million users on its digital wallet app, which allows users to buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrency in conjunction with the crypto.com visa card.
Underlying consumer Mentions for Crypto.com are at an all-time high, up +152% QoQ  and +467% YoY on a 90-day moving average.
Much of the recent surge in Mention volume can be attributed to the performance of the company’s unique crypto token offerings — Crypto.com has released 2 cryptocurrencies since 2017: Monaco ($MCO) and Crypto.com Coin’($CRO).
Crypto.com Coin, the company’s second offering, initially began trading for ~$0.02  per CRO in late 2018. After being listed on Coinbase earlier this month, CRO has since surged to new highs near $0.50.
Investor chatter regarding $CRO shows an even more significant uptrend than that of its namesake company: +416% QoQ (30d MA).
CRO serves to provide Crypto.com users with “a piece of the action” by allowing them to stake the tokens and earn fees for processing transactions on the Crypto.com chain, a custom blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK. (read more about Cosmos here)
Crypto.com also offers cashback rewards of up to 20% for merchant payments made using CRO and pays a flat annual interest rate on CRO staked within the company’s ecosystem.
Overall, Crypto.com is incredibly well positioned to bridge the gap between the ethereal “crypto space” and the real world. And, the company has an impressive track record stretching back to <$1K Bitcoin times.

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