September, 2021

Could SmileDirectClub be the Next Short Squeeze? ($SDC)

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Could SmileDirectClub be the Next Short Squeeze? ($SDC)

Last week, shares of the much-maligned clear aligner company, SmileDirectClub, gained by more than +25%… And, unusually-high underlying investor chatter suggests that this could be the next retail short squeeze target.

SDC’s Cashtag Mentions began to show strength in the first week of September 2021 and have since exploded higher: currently trending above 1000 per day (7d MA).
This surge of interest from retail investors can be attributed to SDC’s recent underperformance and the resulting 40% short interest accrued by the stock.
There’s a cadre of eager new retail investors who cut their teeth trading the $GME and $AMC short squeezes, and they can’t resist an opportunity to squeeze unsuspecting shorts.

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