July, 2021

Cloud Gaming Still has a Long Way to Go

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Cloud Gaming Still has a Long Way to Go

With the recent rise of content streaming, the idea of streaming video games has begun to establish itself in the mainstream consciousness — Netflix made a splash last week after announcing plans to add video games to its online streaming platform.

Several non-traditional players have already made entries into this burgeoning market… Consumer mention analysis reveals that they’ve all got a long way to go.

Google’s cloud gaming platform ‘Stadia’ boasts the highest volume of mentions, in addition to showing as a +20% YoY increase on a 90-day moving average.

While impressive, mentions for cloud gaming offerings still pale in comparison to those of traditional online gaming services like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam. 

We’re expecting to see cloud gaming mentions continue to rise across the board as consumers become increasingly comfortable with the concept. Still, there’s no guarantee that any of these brands will maintain their current standing given the cutting edge nature of this technology and new competition entering the market.

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