October, 2021

Blockchain Gaming: Top Projects ($MANA, $ENJ, $SAND, $ALICE)

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Blockchain Gaming: Top Projects ($MANA, $ENJ, $SAND, $ALICE)

With a Market cap of more than $8B, Axie Infinity ($AXS) is in a league unto itself, but there’s a few other blockchain gaming projects with market caps in the top 200:

  • Decentraland ($MANA) – A metaverse-style virtual reality experience native to the Ethereum blockchain — Similar to Roblox ($RBLX) with notable blockchain elements.
    • Current rank: #76
  • Enjin Coin ($ENJ) – An Ethereum protocol designed to help developers create games with “open ecosystems”, primarily by providing inherent value to in-game items.
    • Current rank: #81
  • The Sandbox ($SAND) – Ethereum-based and similar in style to Decentraland — Places an emphasis on internal play-to-earn mechanics.
    • Current rank: #112
  • MyNeighborAlice ($ALICE) – An (Ethereum-based) blockchain builder game with a cutesy aesthetic, styling itself after Nintendo’s popular ‘Animal Crossing’ Series.
    • Current rank: #159
Underlying chatter relating to these games and their associated tokens reveals that none are currently outperforming their market cap.

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