December, 2020

Are AirPods at Max Volume?

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Apple ($AAPL)

Apple announced and released its AirPods Max for preorders last week, priced at $549. The new Max line actually lands in consumer hands beginning Dec. 15, and initial signs suggest the product is flying off the virtual shelf.

Apple AirPods Pro Purchase Intent Mentions
We noted a significant increase in demand on announce date last week, and Purchase Intent continues to grow.
While the “spike” is currently lower than the AirPods Pro release date, the volume noted is still extremely significant for Apple. Why?
  • These headphones cost more than double the previous iteration. 
  • Sentiment actually improved 3 points through the release, suggesting consumers are excited for the new product. 

Reports suggest the new model is already backordered in all colors.

Peloton (PTON)

Peloton stock has gained by more than 300% in 2020, which has earned the company a spot on the Nasdaq 100, an index of the 100 largest non-financial companies on the exchange.

Purchase Intent Mentions have continued to…

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