September, 2018

App Upgrade — New Alerts & Trader Channels!

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The LikeFolio mobile app is full of powerful social data content

The Best Social-Data Investing App Since Sliced Bread

That makes very little sense.  Luckily, the LikeFolio App does.  New and improved, faster, stronger….better than ever.  

This is a must-have app for any investor or trader seeking an edge from social data.  Because you’re here, and you’re smart, we assume that’s you.  Let’s take a look at the benefits…

Real-Time Member Alerts

LikeFolio Members want their data and they want it now.  With the LikeFolio app, you can subscribe to the “Premium Alerts” channel and get a notification every time we issue a new Opportunity Alert or Tactical Model update.

Top Trader Channels

When great traders like Jeff Macke, Cthelighttrading, and Jim Cramer tweet, it’s good to know right away.  That’s why we’ve made sure the LikeFolio app has tons of fantastic channels for you to follow.

But it’s not just traders that can move markets.  We’ve got channels for President Trump, Kylie Jenner (yes, she moves markets…big), and a vast array of financial news outlets.  When they tweet about public companies, you should know about it.  Now.

When someone in a channel you follow tweets about a stock, you’ll get alerted in real-time.  How cool is that?

Cool Social Data

Look we’re not going to pretend that our free app has as much social data research potential as our On Demand Research.  That would be foolish.  But we do have some pretty cool info in there waiting for you.

The LikeFolio app shows basic social data info on consumer demand for company products

It’s free, and it’s spectacular!

The LikeFolio App is available in both the Google Play Store for Android users as well as the Apple Store for iPhone users. 

Or simply search LikeFolio in the store of your choice… enjoy!

Stay ahead of wallstreet, take a tour/buy now.

Get a demo at your own pace and see the power of LikeFolio data & insights for yourself.  Let’s do this!

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