January, 2022

Will Airlines make it through this Wave?

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Will Airlines make it through this Wave?

Delta stock has moved down by at least 4.5% in each of the last three weeks it reported earnings…

Our data shows that the return of business travel is slow but steady.
People want to travel… and DEMAND is growing as the pandemic shifts to “it’s everywhere but not really severe” mode.
But SUPPLY is a major problem…. pilots and crew are having to ground flights due to large numbers of positive Covid cases.
This has led to a serious hit on overall industry happiness as flight delays and cancellations run rampant. 
And Delta is certainly not immune…
Delta (DAL) & Southwest (LUV) still continue to lead the airline sector in terms of happiness and will likely be the winners of the return to normalcy
We are seeing light at the end of the Covid tunnel…

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