April, 2021

What’s Next in the Streaming Space?

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What's Next in the Streaming Space?

It’s not news that the streaming TV space is getting crowded. As more players (like HBO Max) enter the scene, overall streaming mentions are soaring (+76% YoY). 
The chart below showcases how some of the major players have performed on a QoQ basis:
Our main takeaways:
  • NFLX holds highest demand volume — it’s the largest player in the game, with comparatively happier customers
  • DIS has a three pronged approach in Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ — Family programming, avlive TV supplement, and sports.
  • HBO Max is new, but gaining significant traction with consumers in 2021 — demand is ramping on a QoQ basis and sentiment is very high
  • Disney+ received a nice bump in total buzz in 2021 thanks to new programming like WandaVision

And it doesn’t look like consumers are tapped out yet. Subscription fatigue mentions suggest consumers are okay with maintaining multiple services.

Looking ahead, we’re watching for the next disruptor. As the streaming space matures, the real game-changers are going to be the screen-time competitors that shake up the system. 
The scatterplot view above will be critical to identifying when/if this occurs. Keep an eye on the top -right corner of that chart…that’s where the move will be.

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