November, 2021

Using Data to Spot Potential IPO Winners…and Losers too (BIRD)

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Using Data to Spot Potential IPO Winners...and Losers too (BIRD)

We’ve tracked a flurry of new IPOs over the last few months.
While all newly-minted publicly traded companies are subject to near-term volatility, analyzing consumer metrics can help to bring the potential winners…and more importantly losers to the surface.
These losers are names that data suggests may already be tapped out when it comes to growth…
One name on our radar: Allbirds (BIRD).
Consumer buzz surrounding the Allbirds brand has dropped significantly in the last two years, currently pacing -4% lower YoY.
But sometimes it helps to view a company against its peers. How does this name stack up against the “comfortable shoes” segment as a whole?
According to LikeFolio data, not too well.
Allbirds seriously trails peers when it comes to demand growth.
Meanwhile, fellow trading newbie ONON (think On Cloud shoes) is flexing. And in what should be no surprise to LikeFolio members, Crocs is too.

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