December, 2020

Top trends we’re watching in 2021

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Trend Watch 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s only fair to look back at the massive shifts we witnessed in consumer behavior.
One company blinked on our radar in late February alongside a MegaTrend we were tracking: The Evolving Workplace.
Little did we know, Covid would ignite a massive adoption spark, rocketing these trends nearly overnight.
Now — more than 9 months since highlighting a remote workforce — Zoom Video is STILL at the top of the Purchase Intent Growth list. And it’s in good company.
YoY purchase Intent growth winners
In fact, all of the names on that list are being propelled by some major trend, whether it’s working out from home, gaming, or a robust digital presence. 
This is why it’s so valuable to track trends in real time. Here are some on our list for 2021. It’s gonna be fun!
trend watch 2021

The RealReal (REAL)

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