April, 2019

This Exercise Stock is RUNNING Hard

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About 6 weeks ago, LikeFolio issued a Bullish Opportunity Alert on Planet Fitness ($PLNT) at $58/share.

The reason for this bullish alert was very simple: Consumer Purchase Intent data showed strong year over year gains during the all-important New Year’s Resolution season

For the record, that’s the exact opposite of what we saw with Weight Watchers!

This growth can be seen quite clearly in the screnshot below from the LikeFolio Research Dashboard.

A couple weeks later, the company reported record earnings and the stock has been on a tear ever since. In fact, since the bullish alert was sent, $PLNT has gained over $12 per share — 20% in a matter of six weeks!

You can download the original report here — that is the exact PDF that was sent to LikeFolio members on Feb 22 with PLNT trading at $58/share.

Going forward, we expect more of the same for Planet Fitness. Because of their subscription business model, and low churn rates, it really is all about the New Years resolution season (and late summer push, which gets a smaller bounce) for this company.

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