December, 2020

These were the most popular brands under the tree

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Etsy (ETSY)

Etsy’s Purchase Intent Mentions have shown phenomenal of growth over the past three quarters, with 20Q4 (ending 12/31) on pace for a gain of +91% YoY.

Shares of Etsy, Inc. (ETSY) are trading lower today but have gained more than +300% this year. Can the stock continue its momentum into the New Year?
It’s obvious that Etsy has had a strong Holiday quarter. We’re maintaining a bullish outlook until we see a major slowdown in the underlying mentions.
ETSY Quarterly Purchase Intent

Trend Watch: Gift Cards

Consumer mentions of giving or receiving a gift card increased +16% on Christmas day 2020 vs. 2019. 

Gift Card Purchase Intent

For mentions where a specific brand was referenced, the top performers were…

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