February, 2021

The Hydro Flask brand is losing virality

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Helen of Troy (HELE): Hydro Flask

In August of 2019, we put out a bullish alert on Helen of Troy (HELE), due to the enormous popularity of the Hydro Flask brand.

The premium water bottles briefly became a desirable item for young people, as they were an important aspect of the ‘VSCO girl’ meme.

How is the brand faring more than a year later? Our data shows that demand has dried up, alongside the relevance of the meme itself. Purchase Intent Mentions for Hydro Flask declined a whopping -83% YoY in the most recently-ended quarter (21Q3).

hydro flask quarterly demand

Despite reporting that Hydro Flask “faced a strong comparison… challenged in the quarter by a soft back to school season” Helen of Troy has continued to thrive, with its Health & Beauty products picking up the slack in recent quarters.

We’re watching to see if these segments can continue to offset the viral popularity of the Hydro Flask brand.

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