November, 2021

The Chip Shortage Continues…These Companies have been Winning Big ($CVNA, $KMX, $CAR, $NVDA)

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The Chip Shortage Continues...These Companies have been Winning Big ($CVNA, $KMX, $CAR, $NVDA)

A large-scale shortage of semiconductor chips has played an important role in the market this year — Underlying Mentions show that the topic remains at the forefront of investors’ minds.
Discussion relating to the global semiconductor shortage surged to a new all-time high last month, currently trending +25% QoQ on a 30-day moving average.
We’ve seen this trend impact a wide array of industries and companies to varying degrees. The auto industry has suffered some of the most notable disruptions.
While many auto manufacturers have been forced to slow production due to limited chip supplies, the resulting lack of new car production has been a massive boon for used-car sellers like Carvana ($CVNA) and CarMax ($KMX).
Furthermore, the same market forces have contributed to the parabolic gains experienced by the car rental company Avis Budget Group ($CAR).
Shares of $CAR are currently trading +677% YTD.
On our June MegaTrends report, we listed several potential beneficiaries of the chip shortage, including $CAR — Nvidia ($NVDA) has also emerged as a big winner.
Nvidia shares hit a new ATH last week, up roughly +43% from our bullish feature on the ‘Chip Shortage Fallout’ MegaTrend Report.
LikeFolio Members know this wasn’t the first time we’ve expressed a bullish outlook on NVDA…In fact, the June MegaTrends report was our 6th bullish feature in the span of 2 years.

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