April, 2021

Tesla (TSLA) is Dominating

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Tesla (TSLA) is Dominating

Tesla has already released 21Q1 delivery stats. The company delivered 184,800 cars (+110% YoY, +2% QoQ, and last quarter was a record-setter). It’s important to note that these deliveries tilt toward the cheaper Model 3 and Y.

LikeFolio data confirms consumer demand for Tesla vehicles is booming — and our data is typically very leading.

Purchase Intent mentions increased +75% YoY in 21Q1 and sentiment improved by 2 points (75% positive). Impressive.

It’s clear TSLA has separated itself from the rest of the pack. 

But we’re not just tracking vehicle demand, we’re listening for key software upgrades too.

Consider the chart below, highlighting consumer interest in full-self driving. 

When this feature rolls out to the masses, it could be a large boost to Tesla’s bottom line. 

Tesla reports 21Q1 earnings April 26 after market close

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