September, 2021

Target vs. Walmart: Apples vs. Oranges?

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Target vs. Walmart: Apples vs. Oranges?

Everyone loves to pit Target and Walmart against each other. While it’s true the retailers have crossover — especially in recent omnichannel efforts to compete with Amazon — the companies are specializing in different areas.

Here’s where Target and Walmart’s paths diverge in the woods…

  • In-Store Experience. Target excels when consumers shop in its stores. Some consumers even call a Target trip a treat. In contrast, Walmart excels when consumers DON’T have to step a foot inside its doors. Consumer mentions of trips to Walmart describe a chore vs. a treat. You can see this divergence very clearly in consumer happiness levels, where Target maintains a significant edge: +13 points higher.
  • Walmart is dominating grocery delivery. The company overtook Amazon to cement its lead in grocery eCommerce sales in 2020. Walmart online grocery sales increased +84% YoY to $27.1 billion (vs. Amazon’s $25.79 billion). LikeFolio grocery delivery data highlights this dominance and confirms Walmart is maintaining its market share advantage even in the last month.

Stay tuned — both companies are gearing up for a big holiday shopping season.

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