July, 2021

Stock Chatter: $WISH Mentions Remain Elevated

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Stock Chatter: $WISH Mentions Remain Elevated

ContextLogic Inc.(WISH) operates an eCommerce platform which connects users and provides resources for merchants.

The stock initially caught the attention of retail trades on the WallStreetBets subreddit due to its low float and high short interest…Shares briefly rallied by ~80% following the influx of buys, but the stock has since moved lower.

Underlying investor Mentions show that retail traders haven’t given up the fight.

Despite pulling back from the highs seen last month, Cashtag Mention volume remains +6500% QoQ.

If there’s one thing we’ve found out about the apes of WSB, its that they’re patient. And, this company has a viable business model.

Shares are up +5% today, but they could continue higher if the pressure continues.

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