August, 2021

Silver Coin Buyers aren’t Slowing Down (SI=F)

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Silver Coin Buyers aren't Slowing Down (SI=F)

Earlier this year, we noted elevated levels of investment demand for Silver (SI=F), set into motion by coordinated buying efforts from retail investors.
Mentions of individuals investing in the silver market have not maintained that explosive trajectory, but they are holding at a higher level: +17% YoY
Since then, we’ve seen that demand begin to bolster another trend, one which has been rising for several years: Consumer Demand for physical silver products, specifically coins.
Consumer Mentions of purchasing silver coins are trending +38% YoY and +131% vs. 2019 on a 365-day moving average.
This trend has continued to steadily increase despite recent selling on the futures market.
Today. silver futures (SI=F) are down nearly $1, nearing the 2021 lows– Although ~285,000,000 ounces were traded within 30 minutes of the open, no metal changed hands.
It’s unsurprising that the falling futures prices have not slowed consumers’ coin buying. After all, individuals hellbent on investing in real silver stand to benefit from cheaper prices over the long run.

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