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Sweetgreen Surging ahead of IPO

Sweetgreen Surging ahead of IPO Sweetgreen is a trendy fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in quick-serve salads – Earlier this year, the company confidentially filed for

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Promising IPO Candidate: Discord

Promising IPO Candidate: Discord One notable company, rumored to be considering a public offering in 2021, is the online group chat platform: Discord. Discord initially gained popularity amongst the

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Cryptos Charging Higher

Cryptos Charging Higher The total cryptocurrency market cap rose by more than $100B over the weekend…Now we’re seeing a slight pullback, but LikeFolio’s cryptocurrency data

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Solana Still Outperforming ($SOL)

Solana Still Outperforming ($SOL) The cryptocurrency Solana ($SOL) is the hottest name in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) right now and it’s significantly outperforming the broader cryptocurrency

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Blockchain Gaming is on the Rise

Blockchain Gaming is on the Rise We first featured ‘Axie Infinity’, a blockchain-based trading and battling game, approximately a month ago…And, its unprecedented success has already had

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