April, 2021

Redfin (RDFN) Buzz Pushing All-Time Highs

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Redfin (RDFN) Buzz Pushing All-Time Highs

When we first noted unusual strength in Redfin’s (RDFN) underlying consumer Mentions, shares were trading below $40.

The company went on to prove it effectively monetize the frenzied demand in the U.S. housing market; the stock’s initial bull run stalled near $100 per share.

RDFN’s stock price has pulled back considerably, but things still look incredibly bullish for this tech-powered real estate brokerage.

Consumer Mentions of Redfin’s online real estate market are pushing to new ATHs daily, currently +123% YoY on a 90-day moving average.

This surge in activity matches the recent action in the US real estate market. Housing shortages have sent prices +18% YoY, an incredibly favorable phenomenon for the company facilitating the bidding and taking a cut of the proceeds.

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