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Gives clients unique research and actionable ideas with powerful social data delivered directly into experience.


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“Our clients love the social data insights that we can provide them via the LikeFolio API. It's great to work with fintech professionals who not only understand what drives our clients, but can also deliver the kind of uptime and scalability that our platforms demand.”

- Nicole Sherrod, Managing Director | TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade sets the standard for innovation among online brokers by serving millions of clients in a secure, speedy environment everyday through multiple trading platforms.

Clients are able to access unique social data behind the companies they are researching, giving them “channel check” level insights into how the company is performing on Main Street, before it becomes a story on Wall Street.

Research, Discovery & Validation

TD Ameritrade’s clients demand an edge, both from a technology and information perspective. To stay ahead of peers, TD Ameritrade wanted to offer something that literally no one else in their space could provide. Integration of simple chatter about the stock wasn’t enough. TD Ameritrade wanted to deliver real, fundamental insights on both investor enthusiasm and consumer behaviors around the world’s most heavily traded stocks.

Delivering unique value with the LikeFolio API

Social Signals from TD Ameritrade set the gold-standard in social integration. Available through their web interface, social signals gave clients a view into the mind of Main Street consumers. By displaying interesting consumer-based tweets along with analytics of mention volume and brand sentiment, TD Ameritrade was able to give clients a powerful view into how a company’s products were doing in the real world, right along side the fundamental and technical research capabilities in the investor workflow.

Screener integration surfaced social data as part of the fundamental research process for clients. In addition to being able to screen by profit margins and revenues, clients are now able to filter companies based on the social sentiment consumers have for their brands and products. A complete game-changer!

thinkorswim integration kicked things up a notch by integrating real-time and historical views of social data directly into the stock charting experience. Catering to some of the most advanced and active traders in the world, TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform demands the highest level of deliverability and data cleanliness.

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