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When a top-tier hedge fund wanted to add social-data to its research and discovery process, it chose the unique data and experience of LikeFolio.


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“This data is a gold mine. Your responsiveness is amazing...thank you! I hope we are your only client!”

- Hedge Fund Managers & LikeFolio Clients

Anticipating shifts in consumer behavior

H-Fund’s (pseudonym) primary approach is to look for opportunities to take a bearish position on stocks near the end of their “hype-cycle”, the big run that happens when a company’s product goes viral. While it was fairly easy to identify companies in a hype-cycle, it was much more difficult to accurately predict when the cycle had truly ended. “Even a small improvement in our entry timing would yield significant ROI,” one of their managers explained.

Integrating Custom Research

With LikeFolio’s custom research, H-Fund was able to take the guess-work out of anticipating these shifts in consumer behavior. They’ve sent requests such as “has Fitbit faded from the recent run?” and “how does DrugX chatter today compare with DrugY chatter in December of 2013?” Each time, LikeFolio returned both summary statements for executive use as well as source data for integration into analysis templates, usually within a single business day.

In fact, this process became so effective for the firm, H-Fund made social-data analysis from LikeFolio a standard part of their trade selection and entry-timing process. “You guys are delivering unique value. I hope we’re you’re only client.”

Enhancing Fund Returns with LikeFolio Data

Validate your thesis by using insights into consumer behaviors on Main Street to help you understand when Wall St is getting it wrong. With On-Demand Research, you’re an email away from having a unique and powerful insight.

Improve trade timing by using social-data to have much more accurate information on when spending shifts occur, success/failure of new product launches, and hype cycle opportunities. Relying on news reports, out-dated surveys and gut-feel simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Get alerted to opportunities that you might have missed through Opportunity Alerts. We monitor over 250 publicly traded companies for major shifts in consumer behaviors around the brands and products that contribute to their revenues. When we see something, you’ll see something.

Gain a unique edge by integrating real-time and historical views of social data directly into your analysis. Data your competitors and other market participants simply do not have.

Monitor with confidence by letting us know what companies you want tracked. We’ll let you know when social-data indicates something is going right, or wrong, for the company on the ground.

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