September, 2021

Promising IPO Candidate: Discord

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Promising IPO Candidate: Discord

One notable company, rumored to be considering a public offering in 2021, is the online group chat platform: Discord.
Discord initially gained popularity amongst the online gaming community. However, the chat software has become far more ubiquitous in recent years, as evidenced by the current all-time high level of usage mentions.
Consumer Mentions of using Discord for online chats, messaging, and group communication have risen +41% YoY and +174% vs. 2019 (30-day moving average).
LikeFolio data reveals a concurrent influx of online gaming mentions in 2020 – Although the online gaming trend has gained +12% vs. 2019 (90d MA), it’s showing slight YoY weakness.
Discord’s impressive growth in 2021 suggests a high degree of organic adoption by non-gaming users, a positive sign for the company.

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