Professionals & Corporate

Professionals & Corporate

For Professionals

Stay Ahead of The Curve and Add Value with Our Social Data

Memberships custom designed for financial institutions and businesses

For Hedge Funds

It’s tough to stand out in a crowd. We’ll give you a boost. You can’t afford to ignore data sets that give you an edge. We’re here to be your advantage. Stay one step ahead of Wall Street through predictive insight into consumer spending behavior.

For Quant Funds

Statistically proven data. Reliable delivery. Point in time references, and a robust historical database for you to test. LikeFolio is a favorite alternate data source of quant funds for good reason – we’re good at what we do.

For Corporate Marketing and R&D

Understanding the consumer is king, and we know you need unique, proven resources when it comes to uncovering and identifying shifts in consumer behavior before you roll out a new campaign or start marking product design decisions.

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