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Built for individual traders & investors who are looking for opportunity alerts on stocks showing a big opportunity.

  • LikeFolio Tactical Model
  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Pre-Release Deep Dive Research


A full data solution for professional investors & marketers looking to add powerful social data to analysis workflows.

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  • LikeFolio Tactical Model
  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Pre-Release Deep Dive Research
  • Unlimited On-Demand Research
  • Raw Data Access
  • Special Event Invitations

Research Lab

LikeFolio becomes your firm’s social data research team.  Built for fund managers, corporate teams, and research firms.

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  • Experts on Call
  • Custom Deep-Dive Research
  • Brand Breakdowns
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Big Event Monitoring and Analysis
  • No Coverage Limits (Private Companies Too)


The ultimate solution for application owners and quant fund managers who need robust social data integration. Enterprise memberships include the ability to integrate our powerful data into your trading algorithms or client-facing platform through the LikeFolio API.  Want to make your existing data feeds even more powerful by tying brands and products to the companies moving the market? Brand Map Integration makes it happen.

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