February, 2021

Pinterest is a beast

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Pinterest (PINS)

Pinterest recorded enormous growth in 2020: shares rocketed and so did user adoption.

Honestly, we’ve lost count of how many bullish notes we’ve put out for this company. 

Now the market is wise to Pinterest’s potential. What does the data suggest?

Pinterest Purchase Intent Mentions
  1. Pinterest download and usage mentions are accelerating.
    Purchase Intent in 20Q4 increased +42% YoY. In 21Q1 pacing +59% YoY.

  2. Consumer Happiness is very high, at 72% positive.

  3. Advertising has enormous growth potential.
    Pinterest lags social media peers when it comes to Average Revenue Per User, weighed down by International performance.

The bright spot? Consumers are increasingly reporting brand or product discovery on the platform: +117% YoY.

When this discovery aligns with brand/product ad placement, advertising revenue segment performance improvement could be substantial. 

Trend Watch: Diversification

Right now, we’re witnessing an unprecedented surge in…

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