December, 2020

Peloton ($PTON) shares are rolling higher

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Peloton (PTON)

Last quarter, total Peloton members grew to over 3.6 million. Today, Peloton shares are pushing all-time highs, and have gained nearly 370% in value YTD. 
Does LikeFolio data support this robust growth? Take a look for yourself.
Peloton demand quarterly bar chart
Consumer mentions of purchasing a Peloton device or service are on pace for +186% YoY growth in 21Q2 (ending Dec. 31).
Peloton app usage mentions are maintaining growth as well, a positive sign for retention and recurring revenue: +121% in the last month vs. prior year. 
Peloton demand continues to be propelled by major macro trends in fitness.
The top two growing Fitness trends in the last quarter? Working out from home (+144% YoY) and virtual training (+132% YoY). 
While competition is brewing in names like Nautilus (NLS), LikeFolio data suggests a very strong holiday quarter for Peloton.
We’ll be watching to see if any of these metrics reach a breaking point. But so far, Peloton continues to roll.

Bath & Body Works (LB)

Earlier this year, L Brands (LB), announced plans to spin-off its lingerie division (Victoria’s Secret) into a private company, while maintaining the successful Bath & Body Works brand as a publicly traded entity.

LikeFolio data clearly demonstrates…

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