February, 2021

PayPal Crypto Mentions are Booming

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PayPal (PYPL)

Last quarter, PayPal recorded the strongest growth in Total Payment Volume (+38% YoY) and Revenue (+25% YoY) in the company’s history.

It introduced an interest-free “buy now pay later” service, Pay in 4…something we’re keeping a close eye on.

But its foray into cryptocurrency services received the most significant consumer buzz.

PayPal Crypto Mentions

As consumer interest in cryptocurrency boomed, so did PayPal/crypto engagement mentions, pacing +236% YoY in the last month.

PayPal Consumer Happiness increased +11 points in the same time frame, meaning its expanding userbase is reporting a more positive user experience. Nice. 

Across all services, PayPal Purchase Intent Mentions increased 2% YoY in 20Q4.  The PayPal brand recorded accelerated YoY growth (+14% YoY in 20Q4 vs. +8% YoY in 20Q3). But Venmo showed some signs of weakness when compared to peer-to-peer payment app Cash App, whose new user growth rate is pacing +84% YoY.

Long-term, we like PayPal’s positioning. We’re watching to understand the total impact of its cryptocurrency integration. Will this (as it has in Square) increase user engagement across other offerings? If so, this could be an enormous growth engine.

Canada Goose (GOOS)

In December, we put out a bearish alert for Canada Goose (GOOS), citing a concerning lack of Purchase Intent growth during the company’s peak winter season and a corresponding decline in North American revenue.

Since then, shares have gained by ~10%…but this chart is extremely telling…

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