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“It just makes sense to people. Our clients, and prospects, now identify with the market in a whole new way. LikeFolio's data and content has really enhanced our offering!"

-Nicole Sherrod, TD Ameritrade

Take your product to the next level with unique consumer insights from LikeFolio.

LikeFolio can make your product, your software, your service… much, much better.

Integrate Consumer Data

Our API allows for seamless integration of consumer demand data directly into your client-facing software, tools and platforms.  We’ll work directly with you to create a custom, high-value solution.

Co-Create Amazing Products

We love creating new products and services with awesome partners like you.  Whether you’re launching a brand new offering or looking to add an upsell to an existing product line, we can help make it amazing.

Enhance With Content

Consumer insights are inherently compelling.  People just “get it”… and content around these trends resonates.  We’ll work with your team directly to quickly roll out written, audio or video content that your users will love.

Partner With Experts

LikeFolio’s mission is to make your products and services more valuable to your end user and client.  Our team fully committed to creating long-term, win-win partnerships that significantly enhance the value of your offerings.

Data Integration

LikeFolio’s API allows you to integrate any of our powerful consumer data directly into your software or platform.  Chart consumer demand for a specific product, display consumer happiness levels for competitor brands, chart consumer macro trends like dieting preferences — the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Earnings Previews

Produced every week during earnings season, this is a “tip sheet” for your clients and users to work off of.  Proven to be actionable content that drives engagement.

Delivery:  Platform Integration, PDF/email, Content/post

Co-Create New Products

We love working with companies of all sizes to create fantastic new products and feature sets together.  LikeFolio’s data, insights and content can help you build extremely valuable products for your prospects.  Let’s see if we can build something together…

Engaging Content

Your users and clients want more from your platform.  LikeFolio will work with you to create a stream of engaging content sourced to our unique consumer behavior insights.  Whether it’s as simple as syndicating our research or as deep as daily video content, LikeFolio has you covered.

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