Tactical Model

The Power of Social Data in Your Portfolio

A model for the aggressive portion of your portfolio that zeros in on companies with impressive consumer data trends.

Give your portfolio access to the same research top hedge funds use for a fraction of the price!

LikeFolio gathers and analyzes data from social media to determine trends and shifts in consumer purchase behavior on Main Street before it becomes news on Wall Street.  Our Tactical Model Strategy utilizes this powerful and unique data to identify individual equities that we believe will significantly outperform the broad market over the next 60-300 days.

About the LikeFolio Tactical Model

Strategy Description:  This is an ideal strategy for the aggressive part of your portfolio.

Equal-weight allocation of 6-18 individual equities showing high promise of revenue growth beyond analyst expectations over the next 3-12 months.

Companies are selected because they are:

  • showing increasing and high levels of consumer happiness
  • showing increasing and high levels of consumer purchase intent on Main Street and
  • we believe that Wall Street has not fully anticipated the sales growth predicted by these metrics.

Utilizes LikeFolio’s powerful consumer sentiment and consumer purchase intent monitoring of brand/product mentions on social media.

Delivery:  Initial Model & Comprehensive Updates via email

Within 24 hours of signing up for our Pro Membership, you will receive the latest update to the LikeFolio Tactical Model.

This PDF will contain…

  • A full listing of all stocks currently held in the model
  • Model update statement from LikeFolio founders
  • The most recent additions and deletions
  • Individual stock breakdowns showing information about each and every company and why its social data was compelling enough for entry into the LikeFolio tactical model

Updates to the Tactical Model are sent monthly via email in the same PDF format as above.

On rare occasions, updates (especially exits of positions) may be sent mid-month due to market conditions or significant shifts in the underlying social data.

A strategy you will love to follow…

We have the smartest, most ambitious clients in the world for a reason.  To that end, the LikeFolio Tactical Model is designed to have an advantage over Wall Steet while also being fun and educational to follow.

Get exposure to equities you can relate to:  LikeFolio’s Tactical Model helps you gain exposure to individual equities that are seeing high levels of consumer enthusiasm on Main Street.  This has the dual benefit of making the stock not only more likely to surprise to the upside, but also be an investment that you can personally understand.

Proven data-centric approach:  Georgetown University relied exclusively on LikeFolio data to determine the ability of social data to predict sales of consumer-facing companies.  The result?  They found that not only did LikeFolio data successfully predict company sales of consumer-facing companies, but that this data also predicts the component of sales-surprises that analysts get wrong.  No wonder so many of our public predictions have come true.

Advisors — please contact us for information on making the LikeFolio Tactical Model available to your client portfolios.

The Tactical Model is available to advisors in the Riskalyze Partner Store, and can be enabled for client accounts through their autopilot technology.

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