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Get alerted when LikeFolio data indicates an actionable opportunity in the stock market.

Want to be the first to know when LikeFolio data indicates an actionable opportunity in the stock market? Our Opportunity Alerts are built for individual investors or traders that simply want to be told what to do by people who know what they’re doing. That’s us. While these alerts are a fairly new service, we’re happy to lean on our impressive history of highly accurate public predictions until this product has its own track record to boast about.

The Basic Breakdown:

  • Get delivery via email
  • Get 4-8 alerts/month (more approaching earnings season)
  • Both bullish and bearish alerts — market neutral

Every alert comes with:

  • LikeFolio social data and commentary from LikeFolio’s founders
  • Anticipated duration of the trade
  • Target price
  • 2-3 ways to play. From simple to options spreads, and from conservative to aggressive, all alerts are provided by professional traders looking at the LikeFolio data and stock fundamentals/chart.
  • Follow-up alerts when and if trends in LikeFolio data shifts or accelerates

The Philosophy Behind The Alerts:

LikeFolio is all about using social-data to see shifts in consumer behavior on Main Street before it becomes news on Wall Street.

That’s where Opportunity Alerts come in.

We are constantly looking at our own data.  Narcissistic?  Perhaps.  Informative?  You bet.  We’re looking for shifts in consumer purchase intent mentions that indicate something major (good or bad) is happening with the company’s products.

Once we spot a major shift, we check on the stock.  Are analysts already anticipating what we are seeing in the data?  If so, we move on…there’s no sense in trading something that’s already known.  But if Wall Street isn’t anticipating what we’re seeing on the ground — it’s go time.

We get busy crafting the alert to get it out to your inbox as quickly as possible.

It’s been good to us so far…

While not every alert turns out to be a winner (our worst so far is a short of GRUB in the mid 80’s!), many of them do.  A lot actually.  Let’s take a look at some of the biggest hits…


Skechers as the biggest gainer on Wall Street?  Who knew Skechers was turning around?!  We did.  😉


We saw purchase intent mentions droppin like it was hot, and knew Buffalo Wild Wings earnings were next.


The turnaround in Express was tough for analysts to see, but consumers were basically screaming about the new looks available at the stores.  Purchase intent popped and the stock followed.

Join the winning team!

At LikeFolio, we love our members and they love us.  At least, we think they do… pretty sure.  Anyway, we’d love to have you join us.  To get every alert we send, simply join our Trader or Pro membership today!


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