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With On-Demand Research, get access to critical LikeFolio data on one or more companies you’re currently researching. Request consumer data on a company – like Apple (AAPL), and we’ll send you back a comprehensive spreadsheet that covers the data we’ve gathered on Apple and its brands and products.

Use LikeFolio’s On-Demand Research to Explore:

Brand Mentions — A total count of mentions of the brands and products owned by a company graphed over time.  This metric gives you an indication of how often consumers are talking about the products the company makes… a key indication of product adoption.  Big moves in this metric can mean big moves for the stock as we saw with Nintendo’s Pokemon Go product launch:

Purchase Intent Mentions — These are the mentions that tell us the user is doing what the company wants them to do — whether it’s downloading an app, buying an iPhone, or making a reservation at a restaurant.  When you put these together, you get a solid view into the spending on Main Street that will drive the company’s Wall Street results… a predictive power that even Georgetown University researchers were amazed by.

Comparing a company’s purchase intent mentions to itself on a year over year or quarter over quarter basis can lead to some extremely powerful insights.  In fact, that’s how we spotted the turnaround in Express that helped to make our data so famous:

Consumer Happiness — A business that doesn’t make its customers happy won’t be in business for long.  LikeFolio’s consumer happiness metric assigns a positive or negative sentiment value to tweets about brands and products owned by the company you’re researching.  When aggregated, this can give you a fantastic view of how consumers are reacting to the products on the street — a leading indicator of company sales.

A fantastic example of this came with Chipotle.  LikeFolio Consumer Happiness metrics showed that consumers were very clearly not happy with the product they were eating…. and it wasn’t long before the company’s stock fell to new lows:

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