On-Demand Research

Supercharge your analysis with on-demand reports.

Get specific. Explore consumer data on any company or product in a straightforward format.

With On-Demand Research, get access to critical LikeFolio data on one or more companies you’re currently researching. Request consumer data on a company – like Apple (AAPL), and we’ll send you back a comprehensive spreadsheet that covers the data we’ve gathered on Apple and its brands and products.

Use LikeFolio’s On-Demand Research to Explore:

  • Total number of brand mentions
  • Total number of purchase intent mentions
  • Brand sentiment

View our expansive data on an entire company, or get it broken down by brand. Adjust the timeframe being studied, adjust the weighting of each brand, change the moving average being used and more to hone in on exactly the insight you need to uncover.


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