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Quite simply, LikeFolio’s social-data was made to predict earnings results.  But don’t just take this webpage author’s word for it.

Georgetown University said it….

The LikeFolio White Paper said it

Our unbelievable 19/21 public earnings predictions said it...

Even Michael said it…

Full disclosure — we don’t know who Michael is, but he seems really smart.

How Earnings Predictions Work

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the methodology behind how we use social-data to predict earnings report reactions, we highly suggest reading through the LikeFolio White Paper on Trading Strategies.  

For now, we’ll keep it simple:

When LikeFolio Consumer Purchase Intent data is showing a significant shift in consumer spending behavior (in either direction!), we look closely at it.  We want to know three basic things:

  1.  Is this shift larger than you would normally expect, given the seasonality of the underlying business?
  2. Is this shift in consumer spending behavior sustained?  Are we seeing the same move year over year as quarter over quarter?
  3.  Is this shift larger than the stock suggests Wall St is expecting?  Quite frankly, a 50% increase in purchase intent isn’t nearly as exciting when the stock is up 40% on the year.  But even a 20% growth in PI can be a huge opportunity on a stock that has been selling off due to reduced expectations (i.e. a divergence play)

If we get a YES to all three of the above, it’s all systems go and the opportunity is likely to make it into our famous Sunday Earnings Prediction Sheet.

Sunday Earnings Sheets

During Earnings Season, the action will be fast, furious, and social-data driven.  Here’s the basic breakdown:

1-2 weeks before earnings season starts we’ll send out our earnings preview.  earnings-related breaks down the key dates and shows which companies are expected to report during the season.

Every Sunday of earnings season you will receive our famous Sunday Earnings Sheet in your inbox.   This email will contain a PDF outlining where we are in the current earnings season, and a daily breakdown of all of the best earnings opportunities available for entry over the next week.

Some days will have no earnings plays, while others could have 10-15.  We just go where the data says the opportunity is.  

Each sheet (day) will contain all of the opportunities for that day with full details of the social data, stock price movement, analyst expectations and LikeFolio commentary needed to make the call.

Highlighted opportunities will stand out from the rest, with some being identified as safe bets, lotto plays, turnarounds, computer picks, and more.  You really have to see it to believe how much fantastic information and opportunity can be packed into a single weekly PDF.

Outside of earnings season, you won’t get any earnings related alerts.  During that time, there will be some Opportunity Alerts for longer term holds, updates to the Tactical Model, and an unlimited ability to research your next stock in the LikeFolio Dashboard.

Ready to get started with awsome earnings opportunities that are data-driven, and proven by multiple statistical studies?

Get started with a season pass right now.  You’ll get three months of Earnings Predictions, Opportunity Alerts, and unlimited research access on the LikeFolio Dashboard.

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