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LikeFolio’s research dashboard puts the power of social data at your fingertips.  With a quick search of virtually any company on our coverage list, you will have access to view the entirety of all of our powerful social-data metrics:  Mention Volume, Consumer Happiness, and the all-important Consumer Purchase Intent levels.

The LikeFolio Dashboard provides social-data research capabilities on individual consumer-facing stocks.  

Customizable Research

The LikeFolio Dashboard allows for full data customization

In addition to covering all of our important social-data metrics, the LikeFolio Dashboard allows users to customize the social-data in the way that makes most sense to their research objectives with the following controls:

Daily Counts view or Fiscal Quarter view —  Many members use daily counts for trend spotting, fiscal quarters for earnings predictions.

Stock Price overlay on/off — Look for correlations, or keep the social-data front and center.

Daily Bars on/off — Keep daily bars on to see individual events that led to spikes in the data, turn them off to stay focused on the overall consumer trends using moving averages.

Annotations —  When big spikes in the data happen, you want to know why.  Turn annotations on to learn what happened, often accompanied by a link to a news story and “typical” tweet for the event.

Corrections — turn corrections on to remove data spikes that have questionable relevance (political events, failed boycott campaigns, executives in the news, etc)

Moving Average —  In the LikeFolio Dashboard, you can adjust the moving average of the data to better suit your objective.  The most popular setting is a 90-day moving average, but the 7-day and 365-day averages can be very useful when zooming in or zooming out to better understand events and consumer trends.

Time Frame Zoom —  Every company in the LikeFolio universe is covered back to Jan 1, 2012.  You can adjust the time frame using controls on the left, or simply click and drag to zoom in on a specific section of the chart (right-click to reset)

Data Transparency

Some companies have social-data that is simply more predictive than other companies.  We want you to know everything we know, which is why we provide full backtest transparency on every company.

Data Transparency is critical to understanding opportunities

Every stock has a “Historical Predictiveness” rating in the top-right section of the dashboard.  Clicking on that number will bring up the data for how predictive the social-data for that company has been over the past 6 years in terms of stock price movements and revenue projections.

Access For All

Every LikeFolio Membership comes with full access to the LikeFolio Dashboard.

Try a Season Pass today and get 3 months of Earnings Predictions & Dashboard access for just $99.

Full access to the LikeFolio Research Dashboard is included with all memberships.

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