Brand Map

Consider us your personal brand translator.

Make sense of any data or news feed you consume. It’s like the Rosetta stone, but with less dust.

LikeFolio’s proprietary brand mapping technology allows clients to see which public companies own which brands and products, and how those brands are performing according to active consumers. Need to learn more about what products and brands are currently on everyone’s mind? The LikeFolio Brand Map makes it possible.

But How Does LikeFolio Brand Mapping Work?

Believe it or not, the vast majority of major market research companies don’t have access to a comprehensive list of every product or brand that a parent company – like Pepsi, Amazon or Google – owns, but they still need to be able to understand how individual products affect the value of those companies. Our exclusive brand mapping capabilities give you the ability to determine exactly what you should be looking for in your existing data streams.


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