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LikeFolio’s proprietary brand mapping technology allows clients to see which public companies own which brands and products, and apply that mapping to their own data sources.

Want to instantly categorize content and data to the brand and parent company that is being discussed?  The LikeFolio Brand Map makes it possible.

How Does LikeFolio Brand Mapping Work?

Believe it or not, the vast majority of major market research companies don’t have access to a comprehensive list of every product or brand that a parent company – like Pepsi, Amazon or Google – owns.

Because most data feeds either aren’t categorizing the content by company, or are doing a poor job of doing so, it becomes very costly and time-consuming to determine if a piece of information is relevant to your research or analysis.

Our exclusive brand mapping capabilities give you the ability to determine exactly what matters to you in your existing data streams, and may unlock value in data streams you had previously rejected due to their poor organization.

What Data Sources Does the Brand Map Work With?

The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few examples of content and data that our Brand to Company Map can help you instantly filter and categorize:

  • Social Media Posts & Comments
  • Blog Posts
  • News Articles
  • Transcripts of Audio/Video Programming
  • Yelp Reviews
  • YouTube Descriptions, Comments & Transcripts
  • Email and other Messages
  • Reddit and other websites
  • Consumer Receipts
  • Shipping Confirmations

How Can I Learn More?

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