Never miss a market-moving tweet.

Influential people can’t stop tweeting. We’ll notify you when it’s relevant.

Want real-time alerts when influential people mention the brands/products of public companies? The LikeFolio App makes it possible – and easy. Get opportunity alerts from LikeFolio when consumer data is showing something interesting for a company, and conduct basic research on consumer data for public companies no matter where life takes you.

The LikeFolio app is designed for individual investors who want access to our powerful data and active traders who want real-time notifications when a potentially market-moving event occurs on Twitter.

How Does the LikeFolio App Share Data?

Get access to important information through two options: Channels and Social Data.

Subscribe to channels of famous influencers and traders, and when they mention a stock or a brand/product owned by a public company, you’ll be notified in real time

Or, research companies directly on the app and view the top recent tweets about the company. Aggregate social data like number of mentions and consumer happiness all in one place.


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