Our data. Your systems. A match made in heaven.

Plug our data into your trading systems or financial applications for powerful analysis. Powerfully integrate consumer-based social data directly into your trading algorithms or financial applications.

The LikeFolio API gives you the ability to consume a real-time feed of data on every company we cover. Plug LikeFolio data points directly into your internal scans or trading algorithms to identify and evaluate potential opportunities quickly and in near-real time. Need a peek into the past? Our API includes access to over 5 years of complete historical data about the brands on your radar.

We’re all about keeping things straightforward, so our API is specially designed to integrate seamlessly with databases and algorithms of all types thanks to data that’s shared in a simple, structured format.

Use the LikeFolio API to stay on top of:

  • Brand mention counts
  • Brand purchase intent counts
  • Brand consumer happiness (sentiment)
  • Stock mention counts
  • Stock sentiment

The capabilities of the LikeFolio API are ideal for clients who need high levels of computing power and the ability to scan vast amounts of data for potential investment opportunities. Does this sound like you? Let’s talk.


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