November, 2021

Mobile Shopping, Buy-Now-Pay-Later Dominate 2021 Shopping Trends

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Mobile Shopping, Buy-Now-Pay-Later Dominate 2021 Shopping Trends

2020 was the year consumers overwhelmingly embraced eCommerce and discovered the convenience of curbside pickup.
This year consumers are still completing purchases online, but new trends are popping up on LikeFolio’s radar.
Check out the top growing shopping trends in the last quarter:
Walmart Trends
External research confirms these findings:

It’s a good thing retailers have a plan…and Walmart is executing especially well.

Consumer mentions of using the Walmart app have increased by more than +120% since 2019 and continue to rise into the Holiday Season.
WMT app usage
Walmart has a major advantage when it comes to app usage: grocery.
Walmart overtook Amazon in US grocery e-commerce sales in 2020 and still holds a +4.3% volume edge. (Target sits in third place by a significant margin).
In addition, Walmart’s omnichannel model enabled by its +4,700 store physical footprint is helping to meet rising same-day fulfillment demand.
Consumer mentions of using delivery, buy-online-pickup-in-store, or curbside pickup remain +50% higher vs. 2019.
Lastly, Walmart does provide BNPL services empowered by Affirm. The company replaced its traditional layaway service this year, just ahead of the Holiday season.

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